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Sandy’s Office

My Space, My Hideout, My Office
By Sandy Elzie

I’ve come a long way from sitting in a chair with a legal pad and a pen and then having to beg time on my husband’s computer to type it up. He’s a computer geek…even built one 30 years ago with parts he purchased from Radio Shack…so you can imagine that I had to whine occasionally.

After many years writing the Barney Rubble way, I advanced into the twentieth century and got my own computer, but I was sharing space in a tight little office (10×11 bedroom conversion) with my desk facing one wall and hubby’s facing the opposite wall. (Back to back they faced each other….) And we still shared a printer.

Once I got into the Twenty-first century, I also got my own laptop and recently an Alpha Smart- Neo which means I can be creative ANYWHERE, but guess what? My favorite space is my office. I write faster and longer and just accomplish more at the desk. (although if the muse is slow I notice that I’m a little tempted to check e-mails more often than I should)

When we moved two years ago I was blessed with my own space. It’s an octagon shaped room with 3 windows.

As you can see from this picture, I have a resident cat who owns not one, but two cat shelves so he can have a choice of which of the 3 windows to sleep in front of. (After all, the sun moves!) It isn’t just grandchildren that grandmother’s spoil. (I love you, Master Jack)

I also have a chair for visitors , note the framed certificate from Break Into Fiction on the wall. Hubby likes to join me in the morning with a cup of coffee since I tend to get up earlier and start writing and he gets up around seven and makes the coffee and brings it in. (I won’t say that I’ve got him well trained…just in case he reads this. Shhhhhh, it’ll be our little secret.)

This picture is my first cover framed with the Book Signing sign from M&M (my first official book signing)

Lastly, there is a short bookcase for my TBR books and a tall bookcase that holds service awards and books on the craft of writing as well as buckets for things like spare batteries, boxes of staples, tape, extra pens & pencils, ink cartridges, envelopes, etc.

Bottom line is that it’s my haven, my place to relax and be creative. It tends to be messy on top of my desk, but it works for me. Oh, and the best thing is that my office has French doors that close to make me feel shut away and cozy in my space if there happens to be any noise in the house that I want to block out.

Happy New Year!

Georgia Arnt - February 20, 2010 - 10:37 am

Hi Sandy,
Love your site. It’s informative and comprehensive. I’m in awe.

Georgia Lee

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