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Her Emergency Knight by Alison Roberts

Her Emergency Knight

Alison Roberts

Harlequin Medical Romance

ISBN: 0-373-06512-4

There was no stopping it. The plane was going down in the mountains of southern New Zealand.

Jennifer Allen, a visiting professional from Auckland, along with three local doctors and a pilot, crash land. Two of the doctors didn’t survive.  Jennifer is left with the surly Guy Knight, a rural doctor with an attitude toward her big city ways, and a badly injured pilot.

As Jennifer and Guy plan how to survive the night in the freezing cold weather, they also have to learn to work together to try to save the pilot. Despite their efforts, the pilot dies. Guy is devastated because the pilot has been his father figure since his youth.

The next morning, Guy decides he will walk until he finds help because he is familiar with the area. They are not where the flight plan said they should be, so no search party will be looking for them. He plans to return for Jennifer. She refuses to be left behind and follows. Jennifer keeps up even though Guy doesn’t slow down for her. By the end of the three day trip, Guy is impressed with the sturdiness and adaptability of Jennifer. His ex-wife wouldn’t have done so well. Guy locates a hiking cabin. He and Jennifer spend a night in each others’ arms and are rescued the next morning.

Jennifer falls in love with Guy and he has feelings for her, but his past experience tells him a woman from the city can’t live and be a part of his world. He will not live in hers. His community needs him.  Guy pushes Jennifer away. She returns home to the big city and discovers she is pregnant with Guy’s child. Jennifer knows she has to tell Guy about the baby.

Will he accept that Jennifer has changed and can be the uptown girl that loves the local fellow?

I like this medical. Having been to New Zealand, I can’t imagine being force to survive in the mountains. The author did a great job with the visuals in this book.  Reading this one is a perfect  way to travel to New Zealand in your mind.

Sandra Elzie - October 9, 2010 - 3:18 pm


Thanks for the great review. I’ve never been to New Zealand, but I love stories placed in unique locations…..and I love medical stories. This one sounds like a winner.


Tami Brothers - October 10, 2010 - 2:57 pm

Another good one, Susan. I never pick these up without prompting cause there is so many different choices to choose from on the shelves. Without your reviews, I would miss out on a ton of stuff.

Thanks for letting me know about this story, Susan. I will be looking for it.


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