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Which snack does it for you?

by Maxine Davis

I want to talk to you about candy.  Sweet, melt-in-your-mouth candy, sticky, pull-a-tooth-out candy, sour, rolls-your-tongue candy, creamy, crunchy, crispy, brittle, chewy, syrupy, sugary, rich, smooth…candy.  Bet there’s at least one of those that’s your favorite.  


Then, I want to talk about salty snacks.  So salty they could have been dipped in brine, salted so that it burns that cut on your lip like a blow torch.  Oh well, let’s don’t go through all that again.  I bet you have a favorite in this group too.

I have one friend who says she really does not care for sweets although I’ve seen her skinny-self scarf down an after-dinner dessert of bread pudding, Tiramisu, or chocolate lava cake all by herself.  However, when there’s a group at her house, she really does stick to chips, pretzels, nuts, Cheetos, and Gold Fish saying she just doesn’t care for sweets.  Go figure.


When a group of us goes to the movie theater, some always pick the sweet treat and some always pick the salty variety.  The rest of the group say they don’t want to eat at the “most expensive place in town.”  But I say, what would a movie be without popcorn and a diet cola?  By the way, don’t expect change from that ten-dollar bill.


There was a time, long, long ago when you could go to the store and take a nickel for a regular candy bar or dime for a large candy.  Of course, the choices were not that many.  You probably found less than six feet of one shelf with the choices on it.  The most popular were:  Jawbreakers, Now & Laters, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, Nik-L-Nips (wax bottles), Atomic Fireballs, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Bit-O-Honey, Candy Cigarettes, Bubble Gum Cigars, Orange Slices, Chickets gum, Circus Peanuts, Candy Corn, Mary Janes, Necco Wafers, candy straws (powder-filled) and a few candy bars.  You may think that sounds like a lot, but have you seen the candy aisle lately?  Yes, it graduated from half of a shelf to all the shelves from top to bottom and all of those half-way down the aisle—unless it’s a holiday, then it’s on both sides!  And don’t even pull out a nickel or a dime and expect to get anything.


Salty treats have not been lazing away on one shelf, either.  There is at least one entire row of shelves dedicated to these.  At one time, it was popcorn, pretzels or potato chips.  Now there’s a dozen or more kinds of popcorn and many more than that of chips and salty snacks.  By the way, have you tried the salt and lime popcorn?  Delicious.

So, is your mouth watering yet?  Have you already got up and went to get that “little snack” before finishing reading this?  Tell me your choice of a delectable favorite….


Linsey Lanier - April 15, 2012 - 12:18 am

Yeah, I don’t care for sweets, either–NOT!!! I love them, but alas, I, too am on a diet.
I’ll re-read your post in about 6 months when I’ve lost ten more pounds, LOL.

My two favs: Dark chocolate shakes from Steak and Shake and popcorn. Yummo!

Carol Burnside - April 15, 2012 - 5:24 pm

Oh, my! Don’t get me started. I love both. My problem is I eat salty, I want sweet after, then salty, then sweet. See? Vicious cycle. Bad, bad, bad.

Sorry we lost all your comments in the site conversion. I’m sure there were a lot of people who could relate to this post. :)

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