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Welcome Our Guest Author…MORGAN R. WYATT !!

Blog-Wyatt-head shotWhat makes up the perfect man?  Every woman has her own opinion.  According to the site survey, it’s all about money.  The gentleman must make close to 100, 000 annually, drive a Mercedes and live in house priced in the 500,000 range. There is nothing said about his personality, looks or integrity.

Vanity Fair and Sixty Minutes teamed up to put together a similar test for American women and here are the results.

  1. Sixty-nine percent of the women polled believe that a mother is in charge of making her son into a chivalrous gentleman. If you married a jerk, then technically it is his mother’s fault according to the survey.
  2. When a man has a midlife crisis, women overwhelming blame him as opposed to biology or the cute intern at the office.
  3. If they could marry a television character, women picked Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.

(I will have to admit to not knowing most of the television characters.)

  1. What is the one thing that irritates women about their chosen mate? This ought to make him angry because it’s his temper. It’s not too surprising since American men are only allowed to show two emotions anger and happy.
  2. What do most women believes a young man in his prime should be doing? It’s not chugging down beers or completing passes in the football game or after it. The majority felt men should take the opportunity to be well educated.
  3. You meet a super great guy, but he has this one flaw that might cause you to pass on him. Number one complaint is drunkenness and drinking to become drunk. Second complaint is temper. No one wants an angry drunk. Acting scared or ill was another turn off. Horny came in dead last, there is hope for some of you.
  4. Men often question if they have been successful in life. Of the polled women, they split in a two-way tie that you could decide at the age forty and when the man died regarding his success factor.
  5. You’ve heard the statement, “Chivalry is dead.” Over 63% of the women disagreed with it. They still encounter men who behave like gentlemen thanks to their mothers.
  6. Believe it or not, women still fall for cheesy pick-up lines with the number one line being: Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
  7. In the war of the sexes, women have always been their worst enemy. This is brought home by the final question that asked, “Who got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden of Eden?” Women chose Eve. Of course, the answers were limited to Eve, Adam and Don’t know. There was no space for Free Will, Snake, or Predestination.

What have I discovered from this random poll? Women dislike angry drunks. They’ll fall for a good looking doctor or an actor who plays one. An attractive man with a decent pickup line can still get dates. Women in England value money over looks. They value cars, jobs and homes more too. Women tend to blame women for problems such as original sin and the lack of gentlemen in the world. When it comes to infidelity, they blame the man.

I am surprised that women didn’t claim that a man who could make her laugh could snare her heart. They must have interviewed different people for that poll. What qualities do you think make up a perfect man?


christmas airline boarding pass ticket in dark pocket


Cinda isn’t ready to become a glorious butterfly.  She’s still in the caterpillar stage with her generous curves.  All she really wants is for a man to appreciate who she is. The way Jack did when they met at the airport. They shared a romantic day as they both waited for their flights. He kissed her goodbye and tucked his card in her suit pocket with instructions to call.  It figures she’d lose his card.  Luck never dealt her a romantic winning hand, but it’s time to reshuffle the cards.Six months fantasizing about Jack was enough.  Raven determines not only to help her friend to become the butterfly she is, but also to give her friend a gift she’ll never forget. Cinda voices her doubts about attending the masquerade ball. Raven reveals that Santa left her special gift at the ball. Her job is to retrieve it.




The heading read Sex with a Perfect Stranger. It made Cinda chuckle at its very cliché-ness. Her best friend, Raven, in front of the bathroom mirror putting the final touches on her makeup, called out, “What’s so funny?”

This book I downloaded for free. I thought it would be fun. Besides it didn’t cost me anything.” Her eyes traveled down the paragraph, causing a tiny spark in the back of her mind with an idea so ludicrous she attempted to stamp it out before it could even grow into a fantasy. When she did fantasize, every man evolved into Jack.

Raven poked her head out of the open doorway. “What’s it called?”

Now I’ve done it. Raven had been her best friend since they both wore braces and glasses at the same grueling awkward time in sixth grade. It seemed fitting they formed a bond since some of the more popular girls nicknamed them Team Ugly.

Cinda smiled at her strikingly gorgeous friend. She certainly had her revenge on those petty females by becoming an unconventional beauty with her coal black hair and vivid blue eyes. Maybe her transformation gave her the confidence to say whatever she thought. Nah, it was always there. Lately, she seemed to be overly concerned with Cinda’s love life or, rightly put, lack of one.

She’d have to tell her the name of the book. The woman would hound her like a dog after a steak bone. “‘Sex with a Perfect Stranger’”

Her friend snorted and stepped all the way out of the bathroom, fixing her with a direct gaze. Placing both hands on her hips, she twisted her mouth in what Cinda termed her considering expression, which sometimes didn’t bode well for the person she was considering.

Mmm, doesn’t sex usually involve a man.” She paused and winked before continuing. “Or two?”

Cinda’s face flushed with the image of two men smiling seductively at her, not that she wanted two. Never mind. She tabled the thought, knowing she’d opened the topic she tried to avoid.

Her friend cocked her head and gave her a saucy grin. “It’s been so long since you’ve been in a relationship, I doubt you know what to do with a man if you had one.”

Even though she knew her friend was teasing, it didn’t stop the hurt. The words reflected her musings to a certain extent. “Use it unless you want to lose it,” her free-spirited friend would remind her, once again.

I would know.” She rushed to assure. “Besides, not everyone can be like you, drop dead beautiful and have any man she wants with a slight nod of her head.”

Raven burst into paroxysm of snorting pig laughter. It always amazed her that her friend never lost her awkward laugh. Maybe she couldn’t. After all, she never totally lost her country accent. Even the elocution lesson didn’t totally wipe out the down-home twang.

Cinda, Cinda, the other side always look better. I don’t have anything you don’t have. The only difference is you refuse to display your attributes. You’ve never been a woman to use what the good Lord gave you. After Keith left you, you hid yourself behind business frump attire.”

 Morgan’s Book can be purchased at:

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                       About The Author: Blog-Wyatt-head shotMorgan K Wyatt, raised on a steady diet of superheroes, believed she could fly at a very young age. After using trees, barn lofts, sliding boards, and even a second story window as launch pads, she found her flying skills were limited to fast and downward. By the age of nine, her dreams to be a superhero needed some modifications, which caused her to turn to writing and horseback riding as alternatives to flying.

At the age of twenty, she had another chance at superhero greatness as being one of the few female soldiers trained for combat. The fact that women will be able to serve in combat soon indicates that all the witnesses to the grenade incident have retired. The grenade incident didn’t prevent her two sons or daughter-in-law from enlisting in the service. Having different last names probably helped.

Morgan recently retired from teaching special needs students to write fulltime, instead of in the wee hours of the night. With the help of her helpful husband and loyal hound, she creates characters who often grab plot lines and run with them. As for flying, she prefers the airlines now.

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Perfect Stranger/SCP Publishing


Morgan K Wyatt - February 11, 2014 - 6:29 am

Good Morning All,
I am excited to be here and talk about what makes a man perfect. It’s Morgan K Wyatt. I had to put the K in my name to differentiate between myself and a very active five year old with the same name all over the web. I suspect it may have been his parents doing all the posts. :)

Marilyn Baron - February 11, 2014 - 8:25 am

I really enjoyed your poll and all the facts you’ve gathered. I never heard the pickup line about the map but I hope I would never have fallen for that and don’t think my daughters would either. Although from the dating horror stories one of them tells, there are still guys out there using pathetic pickup lines.

I am one of the lucky ones to be married to a great guy. I value a sense of humor, intelligence and consideration the most. Although I think Dr. McDreamy is dreamy.

I really enjoyed reading Perfect Stranger and we’re so glad to have you as a guest author on our blog.

Susan Carlisle - February 11, 2014 - 9:40 am

Thanks for joining us today. You book sounds wonderful. I love your list. Interesting.

Pam Asberry - February 11, 2014 - 9:50 am

I’ve been divorced for almost 13 years and can really relate to your post, Morgan! Thanks for sharing the excerpt from your book; it sounds like a read I would really enjoy. We really appreciate you blogging with us today. Continued success!

Sandy Elzie - February 11, 2014 - 10:55 am

Hey Morgan,
Loved the list. Would you believe I dated my first boyfriend because I liked his car? (Yes, I’m a blond) Then I married a man who was my boss at work. His pickup line…. “I’d like to date you if things were different.” (only a blond would date the boss, right?) But that was several decades ago, so guess the cheesy line got the girl!!!

tamara LeBlanc - February 11, 2014 - 4:35 pm

This is fantastic!! Loved the poles, especially #10!!
Thank you, also for adding your blurb and excerpt…I thoroughly enjoyed them both and think the book sounds great.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Morgan K Wyatt - February 11, 2014 - 4:43 pm

Afternoon Marilyn,

I think I married one of the great ones too. Of course, I didn’t discover that until after we’d been married a bit. He drove my car today and put gas in it and washed it. That should be #11.

Thanks for commenting.

Morgan K Wyatt - February 11, 2014 - 4:45 pm

Hi Susan,
I’ll let you in on my dirty secret. I am an information hoarder. I’ll read lists galore to gather data. Thanks for hosting me.

Morgan K Wyatt - February 11, 2014 - 4:52 pm

Hi Pam,

I appreciate the chance to visit Petit Fours and Hot Tamales. Dating, romance, check lists all intrigue me as a writer.

Morgan K Wyatt - February 11, 2014 - 4:59 pm

Hi Sandy,
You have one up on me. I know so little about cars, it was hard for my husband to impress me with his Mustang. Some pickup lines are so inventive women don’t realize what they are. Be kind to yourself. Remember we all went through a dating learning curb. Thanks for commenting.

Morgan K Wyatt - February 11, 2014 - 5:07 pm

Hi Tamara,

It surprised me how easily some women can be fooled by a little surface gloss and flash. Not writers, though, we’d done our research. Unfortunately, sometimes it may have been personal research. Thanks for commenting. You have a great week too.

Maxine - February 12, 2014 - 8:28 am

I enjoyed the poll and the excerpt. Thank you so much for stopping by. I always hoped I’d meet the love of a lifetime who would love me more than I thought possible. It happened. He’s wonderful, oh, stubborn, and a few other things, but a day does not go by that he does not tell me how very much he loves me. That can cover a lot of stubbornness. The book sounds like it needs to be on my TBR pile. Thanks.

Morgan K Wyatt - February 12, 2014 - 8:14 pm

Hi Maxine,
I’m glad you’ve found your one and only. Love can often be fleeting or hard to hold onto…I think that’s why I love romances so much.

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