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Cover Reveal-Lakota Dreaming by Constance Gillam

A few years ago I watched a movie about a group of Native American prisoners on a work detail  passing through an African American town sometime between 1870-1900. There was a young teacher in the town and she fell in love with one of the captured Indians. He planned an escape and wanted her to run away […]

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Floundering in Atlanta by Constance Gillam

    I’m starting a new book and don’t have a title, and not one character name. All I have is a premise. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I’m feeling a little insecure about this project.  This untitled book is a historical.  I’ve never written anything other than contemporary. The subject matter is heavy […]

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Universal Appeal in fiction by Constance Gillam

I think every author has the dream of creating a book that captures the imagination, has universal appeal and sells millions of copies. (Gone With the Wind, Da Vinci Code, The Name of the Rose, Bridges of Madison County and many more) I’d like to publish a series this year, one that has both a unique […]

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Christmas with the In-Laws by Constance Gillam

   My mother-in-law was a child of the Depression and lived in Detroit. She became the mother of the house at fifteen when her mother died leaving behind twelve children the youngest being three months old.  Living during the Depression wasn’t a piece of cake for a majority of the American population. Now throw in the […]

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The Defining Moment by Constance Gillam

Do you know the defining moments in your life? The moments that made you into the person you are today? The moments that opened your world to new possibilities? I’d like to share one of mine. I grew up in Indianapolis and attended public school. My family didn’t have a lot of money. No, that’s […]

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