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Debbie Kaufman Picks Her Favorite: The Best of Marilyn Baron

By Debbie Kaufman Looking back over the last year of Marilyn Baron’s blogs, I had a hard time choosing “the best.”  I mean, have you read her travel posts?  I swear, just reading posts like Flavors of Sorrento and Pompeii and Barcelona Bound  make me want to take off to Europe.  Oh, if only my budget would allow… […]

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Author M. J. Schiller on Christmas Traditions

One of the things that make holidays so special is your family’s personal traditions, whether intentional, or unintentional.  What I mean by that is, sometimes you set out to make something a tradition, sometimes it just happens to become one. For instance, one year on the Fourth of July, I just happened to pick up […]

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My Top Five Favorite Family Meals

By Debbie Kaufman We all have our holiday meal traditions, something that most Americans are already thinking about with Thanksgiving around the corner.  Those are the meals that we have strong expectations about what we should see on the table, and at my house, protest has been raised when one of those expectations isn’t met. […]

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Getting Perspective

By Debbie Kaufman Have you ever been too close to something to see it clearly?  Whether you’re trying to figure out a solution for a problem, hoping to understand why that person acts the way the do, or needing a second opinion on some creative endeavor, there are just some times that we all need […]

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The Different Ways Men and Women Think

By Debbie Kaufman You’d think that after thirty-five years of marriage, I’d have this thing down. I should remember just how differently men and women think and communicate. But I don’t. You’d also think that, given to posting the family funny updates on Facebook, I would have thought twice about helping my husband learn about […]

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