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It’s for me!

By Susan Carlisle   I’ve been sewing just a few years longer than I’ve been a romance reader which means most of my life. I started on my mother’s machine and on my twenty-first birthday I received my own machine which is the one I still use. Let’s just say that machine has given me […]

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Between Books

By Susan Carlisle   When I’m between books I have to make up for all the time I’ve spent away from sewing, yard work, keeping the house and the business side of writing. My house is twenty-five years old this month and it needs care. So I work like a mad woman for a week […]

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Great Books By Some Great Authors

by Susan Carlisle At the beginning of the year I spent a couple of months reading books I had to judge for a contest. I decided than that when I was through with those I was going to take some time to read books by some friends. Below are the ones I’ve read so far and I still have […]

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Horn Tooting Here

by Susan Carlisle I’m sorry. I just can’t help it but I’m going to do some horn tooting this month. You may have to hear it next month also. On to the tooting. I have a double book out in September. I got my covers the other day. I’ve been known to open the attachments with one […]

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