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I’ve always wanted to live a fun, sexy and exciting life. But when my clumsiness left me with an aversion to high heels, my fear of wardrobe malfunctions cut out those plunging necklines, and my skydiving instructor politely suggested I take up golf; I decided the only way to keep from breaking my neck would be to write about such a life. Of course, it took a good thirty plus years to come to this conclusion. Thankfully, it’s never too late to live. Right? Unfortunately, the little things in life have a way of taking over and before you know it, there’s no time left to do the stuff you truly wanted to do. While I can’t exactly afford to do all those eyebrow raising adventures I’d love to try (at the moment, anyway), I CAN experience them vicariously through my characters. Which is exactly what I decided to do. This is a the beginning of my journey into the writing world. As my writing adventures continue, I hope one day I can share my stories with all of you. Until then, check out my Writing page on my Web site for samples of my manuscripts and a few short stories.

June Second Saturday Review Soup

Welcome to our June edition of the  Second Saturday Review Soup,  a delicate blend of genres and tastes.  Take a moment to browse today’s specials.  There is something to satisfy even the pickiest palate.   Bon Appétit!   ~~~ The Girl Who Played With Fire  by Stieg Larsson   Dale Israel: This is the second […]

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5 Steps to (start) organizing your E-mail, Digital Files and Social Media

  By Tami Brothers   “Remember when it was fun to open your e-mail inbox (before the viruses and the SPAM mail took over our world?” (Organize Now: A week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life by Jennifer Ford Berry) ~~~ I’m so organized I can’t find my workshop e-mails!!! At one point […]

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Too Much To Do, Not Enough Time

  by Tami Brothers Life.  Everyone is living in the fast lane these days.  Some people are behind the wheel, ignoring all the traffic signs.  Others cruising in the passenger seat with their feet propped on the window ledge.  Regardless of where our butts happen to be resting, the faster we travel through our days, […]

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Second Saturday Review Soup ~ April

  Welcome to our April edition of the Second Saturday Review Soup, a delicate blend of genres and tastes. Take a moment to browse today’s specials. There is something to satisfy even the pickiest palate. Bon Appétit! ~~~ Inhale, Just Breath book #1 by Kendall Grey She isn’t crazy. She isn’t crazy. She isn’t […]

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First Saturday Recommendations

April hopped right in and brought with it all kinds of new books and authors.  So many that we don’t know where to begin.  We’d love to hear your recommendations and find out what you are reading. As an added bonus to encourage you to share, we’re giving away a $5 gift card to a […]

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