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A “Launch” of a New Story

By Walt Mussell I happy to announce that I have a new short story out. Back in October, I received an e-mail, asking if I wanted to participate in a Kindle Worlds’ launch for Stephanie Bond’s Body Movers series. It left me confused. Body Movers? I’m familiar with that. Stephanie Bond is one of my […]

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Changing Styles

Normally, when I post here, I post about family-related topics. Today, I going to talk about something I seldom discuss: writing. I don’t mind answering questions about writing. It’s my favorite hobby. For me to write about writing, though, is a step out of my comfort zone. On this blog, we often discuss writing in […]

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How to Drive a Parent Nuts

“Dad, you can drive.” I stared at my son. “What? Why don’t you want to drive to band practice?” “The band director likes people there ten minutes early. It will take me longer to drive there than you. We don’t have time.” “That’s ridiculous. We can leave right now. Plenty of time.” My teenager’s expression […]

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The Death of a Saturday Morning Institution

When did Saturday morning cartoons die? When I was a kid, I rose early every Saturday morning to watch cartoons. I started my mornings with Scooby Doo, a cartoon with a huge amount of staying power. I then spent the rest of the morning as an unmovable fixture in the den.     One of […]

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