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The Kiddies Are Coming !!

How many of you were home on Halloween night to give out candy? At dust in my neighborhood you might as well have stood on a roof top and yelled out….The Kiddies are Coming! The Kiddies are coming! All our porch lights were on and they came…one if by land (the little candy grubbers were […]

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Aunt Ora’s Custard

My aunt Ora, mama’s sister, had a great sense of humor and liked to joke around. I remember she had small hands and they were always soft. I never could figure out how they stayed that way because she was always cooking and cleaning up. Everyone considered Ora a good cook. After my mama passed, […]

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November Release from Sandra McGregor !!

  I’m excited to be releasing Book Two in the Contemporary Romantic Suspense series,       Facing The Dawn.   Blurb:   Madison Cooper, Emergency Room doctor at Midtown General in Denver, and Detective Wes Thomas can’t stand each other. In fact, it borders on hate. He thinks she’s too loud and too bossy and she thinks he’s […]

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