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It’s for me!

By Susan Carlisle   I’ve been sewing just a few years longer than I’ve been a romance reader which means most of my life. I started on my mother’s machine and on my twenty-first birthday I received my own machine which is the one I still use. Let’s just say that machine has given me […]

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NEW! Nobody’s Baby by @Carol_Burnside (Excerpt and #giveaway)

Nobody’s Baby She was the incubator, nothing more until the parents died tragically. Now she’s having Nobody’s Baby. For Kate Morissey, becoming a surrogate seems like a great way to refill her tuition account and get the education she’s always wanted. After putting her life on hold to raise and educate her two brothers, she’s […]

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A “Launch” of a New Story

By Walt Mussell I happy to announce that I have a new short story out. Back in October, I received an e-mail, asking if I wanted to participate in a Kindle Worlds’ launch for Stephanie Bond’s Body Movers series. It left me confused. Body Movers? I’m familiar with that. Stephanie Bond is one of my […]

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Countdown to Gift-Giving: Five Favorite Homemade Gifts to Give

By Debbie Kaufman Whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s gift-giving season.  Some of you, and I really, really don’t want to hear it, have already finished all your shopping.  Every year I tell myself that I will join the ranks of you virtuous early planners and finish before the holiday rush… Yeah,…nope, didn’t happen this year […]

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