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Researching The Civil War

By:  Sandra Elzie Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research for a future series of books that I want to write. Of course, research is vital…especially when you’re writing in a time period that has been studies almost to death and a time period that boasts a lot of hobbyists as well as college-educated […]

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Parties, Giveaways and Hops, Oh, my!

by Carol Burnside It’s no secret that I’ve been in the grip of a promotion whirlwind, due to several recent releases and more coming. In that vein, I’m participating in several hops, spaced out one a month, then I came across a few parties, a few on The Romance Studio’s blog and a big one […]

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The Modern Apple by Sally Kilpatrick

The Modern Apple by Sally Kilpatrick Sometimes the Tree of Knowledge isn’t a tree. When I put my baby on the bus for her first day of kindergarten, two things happened. First, I wiped away an errant tear—the flood had come three years earlier when I’d put my oldest on that same bus. Then, I […]

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SWEET REVENGE by Maxine Davis

Sweet Revenge by Maxine Davis Success is sweet revenge.  I don’t care what anybody says. They’re not going to get to me again. Not this weekend, not ever. They’ll see! R.J. Haliday smiled smugly as she brushed a piece of lint from her Channel suit while turning the steering wheel to maneuver around a curve […]

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A Clever Season (A Fairy Tale Romance) by Linsey Lanier

 A Clever Season (A Fairy Tale Romance) by Linsey Lanier And now for something entirely different… “Seashells, huh?” I hooked my thumbs in the pockets of my jeans and rocked back on the heels of my boots as I stared down at the body lying before me on the beach. Long wavy blond hair spread […]

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Gillian’s Letter to Paul by Lindy Chaffin Start

Gillian’s Letter to Paul by Lindy Chaffin Start The happiest day of my life It’s late for me, ten-thirty on a Friday night and I’m standing in my bedroom folding clothes. It’s warm out. There’s a salty breeze blowing off the water through the window. It feels like rain. I hate doing laundry. lots of […]

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