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The Best Things in Life are Free
That sentiment is true when it comes to the free reads the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog authors have to offer. Previews include our “book on a blog” – our first Blog Novel Aspen Exposé – and the long-awaited sequel, Atlanta Exposé, as well as links to spooky stories from our October Treasure Hunt, Fairy Tales from the Petit Fours and more. Whether the reads are hot or sweet, you won’t want to miss them. Did we mention, they’re FREE?

The Undercover Librarian

Our December, 2011 free read:
Désirée Devereaux is not your average librarian. She can judge a book by its cover. In fact, every time she picks up a book, she picks up vibes, flashes, emotions-even crimes committed by the last patron who checked it out. When Désirée’s boss, the Branch Manager , turns up dead in the Mysteries section of the new branch of the Harrow County Public Library, Désirée is at the head of a list of suspects, which includes FedEx guy, Skirt Boy and a member of the Hookers.

Dead bodies start turning up all over the stacks and that spells Murder with a Capital M right here in Harrow County. But Hunky Detective Danny Bonner is on the case and as he gets close to Désirée, he begins to realize there’s more to the sexy librarian than meets the eye. This laugh-out-loud cozy mystery/romance is a suspenseful read you’ll definitely want to check out.


Chapter 1 by Marilyn Baron – Good Luck and Death Wishes
Chapter 2 by Sandra Elzie – The Plot Thickens
Chapter 3 by Linsey Lanier – Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad… Books?
Chapter 4 by Sally Kilpatrick – Dangerous Vibes
Chapter 5 by Tami Brothers – Tick Tock. When the clock strikes …
Chapter 6 by Pam Asberry – The Happy Hookers
Chapter 7 by Sandra Elzie – The Time is at Hand
Chapter 8 by Sally Kilpatrick – She Had to Know How the Story Ended
Chapter 9 by Sia Huff – You Know Too Much
Chapter 10 by Tami Brothers – Undercover in Jimmy Choos

Merlin’s Daughter

October 2010 Treasure Hunt

FREE Read Stories
Sandra Elzie –  – A Walk Down Dunsbury Street

Debbie Kaufman –  – Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Mothers






Atlanta Exposé

AE— Ch 1 by Sally Kilpatrick
AE— Ch 2 by Tamara DeStefano
AE— Ch 3 by Linsey Lanier
AE— Ch 4 by Tammy Schubert
AE— Ch 5 by Anna Steffl
AE— Ch 6 by Anna Doll
AE— Ch 7 by Tami Brothers
AE— Ch 8 by Debbie Kaufman
AE– Ch 9 by Marilyn Baron
AE– Ch 10 by Sandy Elzie
AE– Epilogue by Sandy Elzie
And we have a winner!




February 2010 Fairy Tale Stories

FREE Read Stories – Consider this your invitation to the ball…er…blog. In 2010, our readers joined the wicked stepsisters of Petit Fours and Hot Tamales throughout the month of February as we dusted off our glass slippers and presented our twists on traditional fairy tales for your reading pleasure.

October 2009 October Treasure Hunt

FREE Read Stories

Aspen Exposé

Aspen Exposé – Chapter 1

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 2

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 3

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 4

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 5

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 6

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 7

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 8

Aspen Exposé — Chapter 9



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