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Aspen Exposé — Chapter 3

      Jack’s eyes narrowed. “This is a one-room suite. And, theoretically, why would we need it? We’re engaged, remember?” Rachel colored and her voice tightened. “Y-yes, right.” Her heart stuttered at the sudden knock on the door. It was the bellman arriving to set up their luggage in the cavernous closet. He rattled […]

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Aspen Exposé — Chapter 2

  Chapter 2 Kissing her left something to be desired—the rest of her. ~Tamara DeStefano Rachel peered through the windshield, shading her eyes from the brilliant Aspen sun. The resort, a pristine white colonial, boasting fluted columns and a wide wraparound porch, complemented the wintry landscape. Snow-capped mountains and a cloudless, cerulean blue sky formed […]

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Having Cake and Eating It, Too.

My mom makes the best chocolate chiffon cake. It’s one of those hundred-egg-white-spongy cakes, like angel food, except chocolate. Why it isn’t wildly popular is beyond me. You can eat a piece the size of Maine for hardly any calories–and did I mention it’s chocolate? My mom’s spaghetti, on the other hand, is an overcooked […]

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Aspen Exposé – Chapter 1

Welcome to the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Debut Group Novelette We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Group Authors: Ana Aragon, CiCi Barnes, Marilyn Baron, Tami Brothers, Tamara DeStefano, Sandra Elzie, Sally Kilpatrick, Tammy Schubert, Anna Steffl Enter our contest by answering a question for each chapter in […]

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