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Welcome Author PAM MANTOVANI

The day after the Facebook Launch of my debut novel, Cowboy On Her Doorstep, my family threw me a surprise party. The gathering was, like so many of our get-togethers, noisy and chaotic. At one point my niece was telling me the story of how she was explaining to her children that I’d been writing […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Protector S.O. S. by Susan Kearney

How many of you like reading a good suspense novel?  Well, there are a lot of good ones available, but if you’re looking for a GREAT suspense novel, look no further.  Go to Amazon and purchase any of the numerous Harlequin Intrigue books written by Susan Kearney and you can’t possibly go wrong. I recently […]

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Maureen Hardegree on Being a Scaredy-Cat

Scaredy-cat By Maureen Hardegree Scaredy-cat. Fraidy-cat. Yellow belly. Go ahead, pick a taunt. I admit to my cowardice. In fact, I embrace it. Fear is what drives me and, I suspect, many others to check items off our bucket lists. It’s what compels us to step into the unknown. And for some of us, chiseling […]

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