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What You Gain When You Lose

  By:  Sandra Elzie Like me, are you someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions?  For several years I’ve been making writing goals, but last year I also made a resolution to get healthier.  I’ve renewed that resolution for another year. A friend sent me an e-mail recently that had several cute sayings…one of which I’ve […]

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By Sandra Elzie Ever heard of this woman?  If not, you’ve been hiding under a mushroom for wayyyy too long.  This is Jillian Michaels, health guru and star of The Biggest Loser. You can also read about her in the March 2012 issue of Health magazine where she is featured.  I love something she […]

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When a Bargain Isn’t!

By Debbie Kaufman You’ve seen the shows. Woman who devotes her every waking hour to coupon clipping? Anxiety attacks at checkout if one coupon fails to go through? Shelves of cereal, diapers, toilet paper and every condiment known to man back home already? Well, that’s not me. Oh, I used to be a coupon fiend, […]

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Reevaluation of Time

  Reevaluation of Time By Tami Brothers   Time.  We either have too much of it or too little.  I tend to fall into the too little side of the equation.  Like all of you, I have multiple things going on.  Work, family, kids, writing, blogging, reading, photography, scrapbooking, running, classes, pets, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring […]

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