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Dreams of Yesterday by Sandra Elzie writing as Sandra McGregor

Dreams of Yesterday by Sandra Elzie writing as Sandra McGregor Surely life wasn’t over at twenty-nine. Caroline stood on the knoll, the wind whipping fine strands of her shoulder-length, gold-streaked red hair into her face. It seemed only yesterday she had built sandcastles using a rusted one-pound coffee can and her mother’s garden trowel.  Her […]

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DO OVER – a free read by Carol Burnside

Do Over By Carol Burnside Sometimes, the past merits repeating… Before she’d finished drying off her morning shower, Sherri Coker’s cell rang. Oh, bother. She secured the damp towel around her breasts and grabbed for the phone before it could wake the boys. The ring tone indicated the caller was her best friend, Melissa Donovan. […]

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The Undercover Librarian-Chapter Ten

  By Tami Brothers   Undercover in Jimmy Choos  “What the hell were you thinking?” Danny could barely see Désirée in the light coming from the small sliver of the crescent moon. Although it had worked well for them while he and Drew waited to ambush the trio, he hated the lack of visibility now. […]

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The Undercover Librarian-Chapter Nine

By Sia Huff You Know Too Much Danny Bonner slammed his fists against the display table. Somewhere lurking in these lists of names was the Library Killer. As a professional he shouldn’t let emotions get tangled up with Désirée. But it was too late; his feelings were as intertwined as a bullet spinning through the […]

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The Undercover Librarian-Chapter Seven

By Sandra Elzie The Time is at Hand The moon was still low in the sky, but its near-fullness bathed the new library building with a beam as if from a spotlight.  Without the streetlight that normally added illumination in the front of the property, dark shadows extended out across the lawn and onto the […]

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