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Off the Beaten Path: Savannah, Georgia by Juliet Martini

Growing up … way up north in a little town called Detroit I never thought much about our southern neighbors beyond the Mason-Dixon Line. Like most ‘northerners,’ I found the south fascinating yet sometimes a bit scary. There was a bit of mystery, magic and edginess calling out to me as an eventual travel junkie, […]

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Babbet’s New Beginning by Tami Brothers

Babbet’s New Beginning by Tami Brothers There are people in this world who never see the ugly side of life. Others barely have time to pick themselves up before something is knocking them down again. “I’m freezing. Whose stupid idea was this, anyway?” “Chill out, Susan. It’s not that bad.” “Not that bad! Its eighteen […]

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It’s Fall in Georgia and cool enough for the leaves to start turning red, orange and yellow…but it’s also time for those kinds of outings that you can only do….well, in the Fall. A group from our church boarded a bus early this past Saturday morning and headed to northern Georgia and a Corn Maze.  […]

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Oktoberfest In Helen, Georgia

Tucked in the mountains of North Georgia is the quaint Bavarian village of Helen. From mid-September to the end of October the town celebrates German culture at Oktoberfest. Main Street is closed for a parade the opening Saturday. Candy and beads are thrown from floats. Classic American Corvettes and vintage German Volkswagens compete for ohh’s […]

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Helen, GA with Sia Huff

Butt Up and Wiggle in Helen, GA By Sia Huff No, I’m not talking about a provocative dance move, although that could work. Nor an exercise move, although yes, that could work too. I’m talking about how to successfully float down the Chattahoochee River. My teenage son asked me to take him and a couple […]

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by Maxine Davis Some Saturday mornings, hubby and I would wake up early and walk outside.  “Want to take a one-tank-trip?” he would say.  Usually within thirty minutes we were in the truck and on our way to a one-day, and usually a one-tank-of-gas, adventure.  All you need is an atlas–or not.  Georgia is fascinating and […]

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