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Aunt Ora’s Custard

My aunt Ora, mama’s sister, had a great sense of humor and liked to joke around. I remember she had small hands and they were always soft. I never could figure out how they stayed that way because she was always cooking and cleaning up. Everyone considered Ora a good cook. After my mama passed, […]

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Keeping the Magic of the Season… on a budget!

The holidays are upon us.  My tree is up and special surprises are to be made. For me, keeping the magic of Christmas is important.  Its a warm time of the year, not a time to be at war with one another.  It can bring out the best and the worst in people.  I hope […]

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Thanksgiving Table

So the holidays are upon us.  Always a busy time of the year.  I won’t say especially for me but I have a lot of family to shop for and cook for plus my writing and stuff for Georgia Romance Writers and getting ready for a whole new year. Thanksgiving is a particularly emotional time for me.  You see, […]

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Crystallized moments

by Carol Burnside For years I didn’t ‘get’ how so many people of my parents’ generation remembered exactly where they were when they heard the news of JFK’s death. I was but a small child, and vaguely remembered my dad and mom huddled around a radio with ashen faces and watery eyes, shushing anyone who […]

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