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Welcome Author LAURA TEMPLETON !

  COLLABORATION:  FROM MICROSCOPES TO MANUSCRIPTS For the last sixteen years I’ve worked at a company that sells laboratory equipment, including microscopes. This week, our office has been abuzz with discussion about a recently released TED Talk by a Stanford University professor revealing that he and some of his students have designed an origami-style microscope. […]

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Welcome……Author MEG MOSELEY !

  I’ll be guilty of stating the obvious here, but the writing life can be tough.  Writers need thick skin to survive rejections and brutal reviews, but we also need tender hearts or we won’t connect with our characters or with our readers.  I was reminded of this ever-present tension when I mucked out my […]

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ALAN CUPP-Author of MALICIOUS MASQUERADE is with us today!

REVENGE: POTENTIAL FOR SELF DESTRUCTION by Alan Cupp Revenge.  It’s one of the oldest motives in our history, right up there with jealousy and greed.  An act of revenge can be a spontaneous reaction or a carefully calculated plan of retaliation.  Both can serve as a detriment to the person carrying out the payback.  Sure, […]

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Help me welcome author, DONNA CUMMINGS !!

THE ROMANCE OF WINE By:  Donna Cummings There is something magical about the winemaking process. I used to be a tasting room manager at a winery, so I got to have an up-close-and-personal view of how wine was made.  With just three ingredients — grapes, sugar, and yeast — an endless variety of wonderful beverages […]

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Welcome Guest Authors, Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews!

LIVING THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM An interview with Karlene Conroy and Mia Crews, authors of The Don Quixote Girls The Don Quixote Girls is a funny, touching and tearful novel using Florida’s Garden of Eden legend as backdrop for the story of four long-time girlfriends who characterize the sandwich generation of today, but with an ominous […]

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Book Reviews

by Maxine Davis Taking a short break from writing, I read some great books and wanted to share them with you.     In Her Wildest Dreams by Tami Brothers ISBN: 9781476372334 Filed under:  5 Petit Fours, 3 Hot Tamales, Book Reviews, Reviews Copyright by Tami Brothers Kindle Edition at And Genre: […]

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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

by Linsey Lanier You know how you discover some things about your spouse after you’re married? Things that if you had known beforehand, might have made you stop and think twice before saying “I do”? That’s the way it was for me when after two or three years of wedded semi-bliss, I discovered hubby’s obsession […]

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