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Spring Break – Passion Returns

Oh, the dreaded Spring Break. That moment in the year when work must stop in order to entertain children for a week while their teachers wile away the hours on a beach in Tahiti, or so we think. But, for the single mom, Spring Break means something different every other year – a week apart […]

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Rediscovering Your Passion

By Sia Huff “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” – Denis Diderot Recently I rediscovered something that’s been missing from my life since I was a teenager. Something I love, something I was passionate about. During college and after, there was little to no extra money. The cycle continued through […]

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Finding Your Passion

Passion is not reserved just for romantic relationships. Passion is something you love. It is the fire in your gut; the motivation that drives you to perform a particular task or undertake an endeavor; and the immense feeling of satisfaction you get while pursuing something that makes you happy. Sadly, about 75% of us do […]

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