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In-house Guest Chef: Carol Burnside

You can ask any indie published author, getting reviews these days isn’t easy. The market is glutted with books competing for  reviewer attentions, so unless you’ve already got a big following, the reviews will trickle in. We authors give books away as prizes and gently suggest the reader could leave a review on various sites […]

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The value of experience

by Carol Burnside (aka Annie Rayburn) While watching The X Factor tonight, I was struck by how many of the contestants said they were petrified that first time on a big stage, but that they’d grown so much as singers and performers through their experience on the show. Mind you, the ‘live’ shows haven’t even started yet, […]

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April Good News and a Mash-Up

April was a great month for the PF&HT crew!!!   Good News   Annie Rayburn    1) She received a 4-Star, Recommended Read review for Bittersweet Obsessions at the To Be Read Pile. 2) Annie also guest blogged on The Romance Studio’s Blue Blog (TRS_Blue) about how Love is in Bloom. 3) She […]

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The Joy of Giving

by Carol Burnside (aka Annie Rayburn) Woo-hoo!  This month is the third aniversary of Petit Fours and Hot Tamales existence as a blog. We so appreciate our readers and wanted to give back to you all with bounty to be won all month long. Sound good? It does to me too. Our celebration extends the […]

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Phantoms & Fantasies By Annie Rayburn

Phantoms & Fantasies By Annie Rayburn Publisher: Annie Rayburn; 2nd edition (May 26, 2011) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services Zeenie LaShey is recovering from a horrendous act that has left her afraid of intimacy. For years Turk Fontaine has known he is Zeenie’s life mate but has not acted on the feelings that are such […]

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Embrace the unexpected

I’m a plot-a-little, pants-a-lot writer. Some say a plotster. Whatever the method of writing, I believe in being open to the unexpected, to listening to your inner voice. Usually, when I think I know what I’m going to write, but keep putting it off, the end result won’t be what I’d planned.       […]

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