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Three of My Favorite Christmas Recipes

by Maxine Davis When November gets here, I start looking for pecan packers. Some of my family’s favorite gifts to receive are tins of Frosted Pecans, Salty Pecans, or plain ones they can use for cooking. My pecan of choice is the Desirable. Here are two recipes that are beyond delicious:         […]

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Aunt Ora’s Custard

My aunt Ora, mama’s sister, had a great sense of humor and liked to joke around. I remember she had small hands and they were always soft. I never could figure out how they stayed that way because she was always cooking and cleaning up. Everyone considered Ora a good cook. After my mama passed, […]

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Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

By Sandra Elzie   November is the month when we think about family gathering around the table and grazing before they move to the living room or den and watch football…and graze through the chip and dip. Then later, they return to the dining room…if they can get up off the sofa…and eat dessert. Ugh. […]

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The Dreaded Question by Sia Huff

Every night it’s the same thing. The dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” At age twelve I started cooking for my family of seven. My oldest sister was working and planning her wedding, too busy for mundane household chores. So I split the dinner duty with my middle sister. Every Saturday we’d plan the weekly menu […]

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Jane O’Hanlon is here with 3 Ingredient Cocktails!

The Romantic Allure of Cocktails and the Intoxicating World of Romance By Jane O’Hanlon a/k/a J.K. O’Hanlon   After almost decades of writing about regulations and arcane contact provisions as a corporate lawyer, a sexier siren of the pen seduced me. Romance. Hot romance. Hot tamale romance. Then, just when the craft of fiction writing […]

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Have a ‘yummy’ holiday!

This week we’re taking a break from the travel posts with a wish for everyone: to have a ‘yummy’ holiday! To help you do that, I’m going to re-post some of the recipes we’ve had here on PFHT so you, our readers, don’t have to go hunting for them. Once I got started, I realized […]

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