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Home for Christmas (a free romantic short story)

by Carol Burnside I enjoy writing short stories, though I sometimes find them more difficult to write than a longer work. The length is both a blessing and problematic. A blessing because it can be written in a much shorter time frame. Problematic because the story still has to have a beginning, a middle, an […]

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Self-Publishing is Like Childbirth

By Marilyn Baron Self-publishing is a lot like childbirth. It’s hell while you’re going through it; but when it’s over, you forget about all the pain and you’re ready to do it all again. My sister and I just self-published a humorous short story called Murder at the Outlet Mall. A year ago, we collaborated […]

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A Clever Season (A Fairy Tale Romance) by Linsey Lanier

 A Clever Season (A Fairy Tale Romance) by Linsey Lanier And now for something entirely different… “Seashells, huh?” I hooked my thumbs in the pockets of my jeans and rocked back on the heels of my boots as I stared down at the body lying before me on the beach. Long wavy blond hair spread […]

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The Final Gift by Sia Huff

The Final Gift by Sia Huff  Could a mysterious package bring true love? “Is anyone home?” Marco Santibel, new Duke of St. Albans, rapped his knuckles against the front door of the seaside cottage for the seventh time. He wanted this mission over with. Fulfill his late grandfather’s last wish, and then Marco could get […]

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