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Ah-h-h-h, Springtime

by Maxine Davis Deep in your bones you know it’s here. “The first official day of spring is marked annually by the vernal equinox. For 2014, the official start of the equinox is (was) March 20, 2014.  AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski defines the Vernal Equinox as when the sun crosses the equator going south […]

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When did THAT happen?

by Carol Burnside (aka Annie Rayburn) Seems like more and more these days I’m caught unaware of changes going on around me. Some would say I’ve got my head in the clouds or just getting older and time feels like it’s passing faster. Perhaps I’m living in a world of fiction with my concentration on […]

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Birds of a Feather

by Linsey Lanier WARNING: Some pictures in this post may make sensitive viewers a little nauseated. Carol’s been blogging about her phoebes lately, so not to be outdone, I thought I’d tell you about the feathered creatures who have taken refuge in our carport. Especially after hubby got his cell phone and took some photos. […]

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What a difference a month makes

by Carol Burnside Last Spring, I wrote a guest post about a pair of Phoebe’s and their amazing nest building on practically nothing. I also wrote on my personal blog about my rescue of their baby’s foray into my pool and his eventual demise.  Then, here on PFHT last month I wrote about the pair of Phoebe’s that had returned […]

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New Life

By Susan Carlisle The spring is all about new growth, new life. Our house is especially full of new life this year. It seems like everything is coming up in my yard double time. All the ground cover has spread, the grass is greener. My son has even had to cut the grass twice this […]

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Of March Winds and Nursery Rhymes

by Linsey Lanier Is it really March already? Seems like I was just making my New Years resolutions. Or rather, not making them. And now, it’s almost tax time. ShreieieieieK! Anyway, when I think of March, I remember my father quoting an old poem. “The March wind doth blow…” Maybe in Chicago (where I grew […]

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