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Debbie Kaufman Picks Her Favorite: The Best of Marilyn Baron

By Debbie Kaufman Looking back over the last year of Marilyn Baron’s blogs, I had a hard time choosing “the best.”  I mean, have you read her travel posts?  I swear, just reading posts like Flavors of Sorrento and Pompeii and Barcelona Bound  make me want to take off to Europe.  Oh, if only my budget would allow… […]

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Rediscovering St. Augustine: Something for Everyone

By Marilyn Baron My first visit to St. Augustine, Florida, was a field trip with my Florida History Class in college. Now that my sister Sharon lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, about half an hour away from St. Augustine, when I visit, we go there frequently for dinner. But I never really felt like I […]

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Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About St. Augustine and Florida’s Historic Coast

Happy 500th Birthday, Florida: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About St. Augustine and Florida’s Historic Coast By Marilyn Baron As we celebrate Florida’s 500th birthday on April 3, 2013—specifically the 500th year since Juan Ponce de Leon first discovered and claimed La Florida for Spain, the land that became the United States of America—you […]

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Self-Publishing is Like Childbirth

By Marilyn Baron Self-publishing is a lot like childbirth. It’s hell while you’re going through it; but when it’s over, you forget about all the pain and you’re ready to do it all again. My sister and I just self-published a humorous short story called Murder at the Outlet Mall. A year ago, we collaborated […]

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Three Days at the Condo

By Marilyn Baron For those old enough to remember the 1975 action thriller film, Three Days of the Condor, about a CIA researcher (Robert Redford) who goes out for lunch and returns to find that all of his co-workers have been assassinated, you’ll recognize the origin of this blog title. My daughter, Amanda and her […]

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