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Judy Lynn Hubbard, Guest Chef

Have the Courage to Never Give Up by Judy Lynn Hubbard It takes remarkable courage not to give up on your dreams; don’t let anyone ever tell you that it doesn’t. Take my writing career for example. I’ve read stories, blog posts and seen interviews with various writers who have had their first novel bought […]

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Top Three Reasons I Love the Internet

The Internet, the world wide web, the information highway. Whatever you call it, it’s one of the best inventions of the past two centuries, imo. It must have been ten years ago when I first admitted to my hubby that I could not live without the Internet. That’s only truer today. And here are three […]

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Follow an Angel By Marilyn Baron

    Follow an Angel By Marilyn Baron Publisher: TWB Press (July 15, 2011) Marilyn Baron has done it again with her latest supernatural romance, Follow An Angel. With its sympathetic characters, mesmerizing plot, and highly satisfying ending, this book is a real page-turner. Thirty years old, always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride Eden Eastman is resigned to being […]

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Reevaluation of Time

  Reevaluation of Time By Tami Brothers   Time.  We either have too much of it or too little.  I tend to fall into the too little side of the equation.  Like all of you, I have multiple things going on.  Work, family, kids, writing, blogging, reading, photography, scrapbooking, running, classes, pets, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring […]

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Feather Queens & Kings and Flip Flops

I can’t include a writing sample today. I’ve fallen so completely out of love with my current writing that I despise it like an ex-boyfriend. I’m sure we’ll kiss and make-up sooner or later. It just isn’t happening today. We’re still furious with each other. It’s a rejection issue. So, let’s talk about…fads. They do […]

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