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Great Books By Some Great Authors

by Susan Carlisle At the beginning of the year I spent a couple of months reading books I had to judge for a contest. I decided than that when I was through with those I was going to take some time to read books by some friends. Below are the ones I’ve read so far and I still have […]

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Don’t Try This At Home

By Marilyn Baron   Unlike Queen Elizabeth II’s annus horribilis (horrible year, in Latin)  in November 1992, four days after Windsor Castle caught fire, 2013 turned out to be an annus mirabilis (wonderful year) for me, especially in terms of creativity and productivity. In addition to launching my Web site (designed by Debbie Kaufman), in […]

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When Your Book Club Picks Your Book

By Marilyn Baron                                 I’m a member of two book clubs—my neighborhood book club and my synagogue Sisterhood Book Club. Last month, based on the recommendation of a member who had enjoyed the book, the Sisterhood selected my romantic thriller/historical, Under […]

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Kill Your Darlings

By Marilyn Baron I’ve heard and read many times the Faulkner quote that, “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” Faulkner was paraphrasing the popular piece of writing advice by British journalist, critic and novelist Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, a Professor of English at Cambridge, who advised his students to “…murder your darlings.” Sounds like […]

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IT’S NOT THE ROYAL BABY, BUT…IT’S A BOOK!! By Marilyn Baron July was full of stories about the royal birth and I’m just as excited as if the news were my own, because in a way, I did give birth to my baby when I debuted my newest release. And here’s my birth announcement: It’s […]

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Move Over, James Patterson

By Marilyn Baron It seems like James Patterson cranks out a book a month. Literally, every time I turn around, he is releasing a new book. Now I know he has a franchise going with a variety of authors writing for and with him. And I’m not insinuating anything about his writing. I buy almost […]

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