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Historic Iwo Jima

By Susan Carlisle Iwo Jima Iwo Jima is an extremely small volcanic island between Guam and Japan. By the way, Jima means island. The sand is black and  feels like small BBs. When I walked across it my feet rolled out from beneath me. The island is of little value outside of being a place […]

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The Next Big Thing – Tag! You’re IT!

By Marilyn Baron I’ve been tagged by Linsey Lanier, who writes the romantic suspense series Miranda’s Rights, to talk about my next big thing in     The Next Big Thing BlogHop   What is the working title of your next book?   Under the Moon Gate Where did the idea for the book come […]

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Guest Chef, Susan Carlisle

D-Day Susan Carlisle Some recognize it. Others have heard of it. Few comprehend it. A number know what it stands for but all Americans should be grateful to the men who participated in it. What happened on D-Day 1944 is the reason that we have the freedom we enjoy today. On June 6th, sixty-eight years […]

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