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Taking A Break

by Maxine Davis       Writing, writing, writing.  Tired.  Writing, writing.  Brain getting mushy . . .   “Ah-h-h.”  Fifteen minutes later, and I’m in the recliner, a cup of sugar-free hot cocoa to my side and a good book—to read.  It’s called regrouping.  Or recuperating .  Or taking-a-break-to-read-a-good-book.  Does this scene sound familiar?  […]

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A purse is a purse, is a . . . pocketbook?

by Maxine Davis I am “a little” older than most of the Georgia Romance Writers, but, hey, I’m not complaining—I should tell you some of my memories—or not. The other day I was writing and stopped to reread the last couple of pages. In the scene, the heroine was transplanting tulips as her grandmother was […]

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The Best of …Carol Burnside (Annie Rayburn)

What I love about all of Carol/Annie’s posts is that they are real and relatable. Out of this last year, Does Creativity Spark Creativity? really resonated with me. It’s a great question. One I think I’ll ask myself at the beginning of each new year. By the way, Carol’s answer was to write away. She just released a free […]

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Wait. There’s a Camp NaNoWriMo?

by Carol Burnside (aka Annie Rayburn) Yep, and it starts today! I know. I know. Not two months ago I was vowing to never again attempt a NaNoWriMo. BUT, I didn’t know there was a Camp NaNoWriMo, y’all! Turns out, it’s a different animal. You set your own word count – whatever you think/hope you can […]

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